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 The perfect haircare regimen is extremely important, especially if you want to maintain the beauty and longevity of your extensions. Whether you’re trying Silk Opulence for the first time or an existing customer looking to refresh your extensions, we are here to help. Continue reading for everything you need to know to preserve your investment! 

 Silk Opulence is 100% RAW human hair, which means it should be treated with the same care as you would your natural hair! Raw hair hasn't been chemically altered or steamed processed. It was grown and cut from a human scalp and needs to be treated as such. Since the hair is not affixed to your scalp, it does not get the protection and moisturizing of natural oils. As weird as it seems, raw hair needs a lot of moisturizing and conditioning.

 Finding a haircare regimen that works can be difficult and expensive. There are a lot of great products out there, but there are also some that can dry your hair out which causes frizz, brittleness, and tangles. It can be hard to discern which ones will truly allow our tresses to thrive but don’t worry we’ve got our KHANDII GIRLS covered. We have checked out the options and compiled a list of some of the best of the best brands that really do show love to our strands. Extensions are an investment and we want to ensure that it is protected.



 Co-wash or wash your hair extensions with the zip-ties still intact. Inspect the hair. If you notice any abnormalities please contact us and we will resolve them accordingly.



 We highly recommend using the fold over method when installing your extensions. Only cut the weft when absolutely necessary. Please be advised that cutting the weft may result to excessive shedding. 



 Conditioner only wash (CoWash) is recommended once a week. This will help retain moisture and cleanse any buildup that could cause tangling. If you feel the need, apply a deep moisturizing conditioner with smoothing properties to minimize unwanted frizz. 


Complete the following CoWash steps:

  1.  Part hair in 4 sections.
  2. Use a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb to detangle each section, working from root to tip.
  3. Saturate hair with water.
  4. Starting at the tip, lather conditioner all the way up to the wefts and brush through using a paddle brush. 
  5. Repeat throughout entire install.
  6. Let conditioner sit for 15-20 mins.
  7. Rinse throughly. Dry with a t-shirt or microfiber towel, as regular towels cause excessive frizz. 
  8. Apply a dime sized amount of oil to minimize frizz. Allow hair to air dry.
  9. Once a month we recommend an intensive hair mask treatment to aid in longevity of your extensions. 



  1.  Brush or comb through to style.
  2. Apply an lightweight alcohol-free hair serum for shine and frizz control. Excessive product may lead to stiff hair which may cause tangling. When product has build-up, it’s time to CoWash!
  3. A heat protectant is a must when heat styling to avoid damage.



 When going to bed, pull the hair up with a satin scrunchie and put into a high ponytail or roll into a bun. Apply a satin scarf or bonnet to reduce frizz. 



We recommend products with smoothing properties to maintain moisture and reduce frizz.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Conditioners


Masks, Oil & Heat Protectants

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